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Best Workouts for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Workouts and Exercises for Women

Pregnancy is the most critical part of your life being a woman. These nine months are the most exciting and beautiful times in your life, from the moment you are tested positive for the pregnancy to the magical last second of giving birth to a new life. You feel blessed, happy, and joyful. The baby inside you becomes the central point of your life. Everything you do, eat, or drink revolves around your condition. Even the workouts you do go around pregnancy.


But there are certainly some difficulties to face. As thrilling as it seems, pregnancy is not easy to carry. You have to be cautious all along. Obesity, high blood pressure, constipation, urinary tract problems, anxiety, and other hardships you must go through. The good news is that you can avoid or lessen these symptoms by doing some special exercises at home.


Recent studies show that particular workouts for pregnancy are crucial for both mother and fetus. Custom exercises for you during pregnancy are essential to cope with all the associated troubles. This article will tell you about the best workouts for pregnant women.


Before starting on pregnancy workouts, let’s look at the importance of exercise during pregnancy.


Importance of Exercise during Pregnancy

When pregnant, your body goes through many changes. Your feet and body become swollen, your heartbeat increases, you feel constipated, and pressure on the bladder and mood swings. Usually, medication is not an excellent way to reduce all these symptoms simultaneously. You need to find an alternative which is customized workouts for pregnancy.


Workouts play an essential role during all trimesters. Here are some of the expected benefits of exercise during the pregnancy:


It is suitable for boosting stamina and improving heart health which ultimately helps you with the labour.

Changes in hormonal level during pregnancy results in the worst mood swings. Some exercises are good for increasing endorphin levels, which in turn help you with anxiety.

As your baby grows, it puts extra pressure on the back, causing back pain. Exercise is the best way to reduce the ache.

A rise in progesterone levels during pregnancy causes extreme fatigue. Even a little walk or yoga can get you going.

An aggravated level of progesterone is also responsible for constipation during pregnancy. There are also a few simple exercises to cope with this problem.

Increased blood level gives rise to blood pressure. A simple workout like walking can control your blood pressure.

Due to anxiety, some pregnant women face insomnia. Few workouts are also suitable for inducing sleep.

These are some of exercise’s most beneficial outcomes while pregnant.


Now that we have established some crucial workout advantages let’s familiarize you with the five best activities for pregnancy.



Walking is the most straightforward exercise of all. It seems simple but has a lot of benefits, especially during pregnancy. Moreover, it is not difficult at all considering your situation. You can start walking for a specific period from the first trimester and continue until the last day. Furthermore, walking does not require specialized instruments, and you need to stand up on your feet and start taking the steps.


So what benefits can walking do during pregnancy?


Walking is helpful for the health of both the mother and the child.

It is suitable for easy labour.

That helps with constipation.

That is also beneficial in alleviating anxiety.

It reduces back pain by strengthening muscles.

It is also a great way to maintain a healthy heart.

You should not expect a rapid change in your body shape after a few days of walking. However, it will surely deliver the required results after months or even a year.





Improved blood circulation and increased oxygen level are what your body needs during pregnancy. What is better than an excellent aerobic exercise like swimming for this purpose?


Typically, people think swimming is unsafe during pregnancy, but it is not the correct perception. Swimming is perfectly alright and safe. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that swimming is one of the safest exercises for pregnant women. Some of the well-established advantages of swimming are listed below:


First and the most important benefit is you feel light weighted when surrounded by water as pregnancy makes you feel heavier.

As explained earlier, sleeplessness is a common problem for pregnant women, but after 15-20 minutes of swimming, you can sleep well.

Being overweight during pregnancy also causes swelling, pain, and discomfort. You can get relieved from these symptoms after staying longer in the water.

According to one experiment done by Pediatric Research, swimming is also good for the infant’s neurological development.

Another critical benefit of swimming is that it mitigates nausea which is challenging to treat with other types of exercise.

Along with those mentioned above, swimming has many other health benefits during all three trimesters. But it would help if you were careful about certain things while swimming. If you are a newbie, do not swim for more than 15 minutes during pregnancy. Furthermore, to avoid overheating, keep the temperature of the water less than 30 degrees.


Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a low-impact activity that is suitable for pregnant women. By the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), indoor cycling is not only safe but also beneficial for the health of pregnant women. It is good for the health of the baby as well. Furthermore, there is no fear of falling or getting injured in indoor cycling as compared to outdoor cycling.


Here are some health benefits of indoor cycling in pregnancy:


As proved by WebMD, indoor cycling increases energy levels by boosting the production of endorphin. Hence, it can help you with fatigue and dullness induced by pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar level surges during pregnancy. Indoor cycling during early pregnancy may reduce the chance of its onset.

Being an aerobic exercise, indoor cycling also helps you get rid of toxins that are dangerous for you and your baby.

It is also effective in reducing body pain.

Indoor cycling increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the body, thus reducing anxiety and symptoms of mood swings.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, indoor cycling helps you during pregnancy in other ways as well. But it is essential to take some precautions before starting the exercise. You must consult your doctor before beginning and in case of discomfort during the ride.



Yoga is the best workout for both mind and body. It not only helps you relax mentally but also does wonders for your physical health as well. A special kind of yoga for pregnant women is known as prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga comprises specialized movements to assist you during pregnancy and avoid injuries. So if you want to avoid any excessive moves in the name of the exercise, prenatal yoga is the best option.


Some of the well-known benefits of prenatal yoga are given below:


Premature birth and miscarriage may result due to anxiety and stress caused by pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps alleviate stress, thus reducing the chances of these events.

Being active during pregnancy decreases weight, and yoga is the best way to remain active.

Strengthening and stretching moves during prenatal yoga make your muscle more robust, thus helping during the delivery.

It is also helpful in easing other discomforts like back pain, headaches, nausea, and constipation.

Prenatal yoga also lowers the high blood pressure caused by pregnancy.

There are some precautions as well. Do not go for complicated movements; avoid hot yoga as it may be dangerous for you and your baby. Consult your doctor if you feel any soreness during or after yoga. Furthermore, always stay hydrated to avoid dehydration.



As with the other types of workouts, most pregnant women wonder if dancing is safe or not. According to experts, dancing during pregnancy is perfectly safe unless it involves jumping or complex moves. Dancing is good for keeping you healthy and fit during pregnancy. Moreover, it is one of the most calming and relaxing physical activities and beneficial for mental health.


So how dancing can prove beneficial for you during pregnancy?


Dancing provides you with flexibility which is good for you and your fetus.

Dancing also boosts your energy level and stamina. In this way, it helps you with dullness as well as anxiety.

Specific movements during dancing are suitable for healthy blood circulation, thus improving the functioning of the heart and lungs.

It also reduces the risk of any troublesome delivery.

It is also helpful in preventing conditions like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Dancing is also supportive in strengthening the muscles and lowering the back pain.

Overall, dancing can be proved beneficial as long as it does not include any vigorous moves. Certain types of dancing recommended by doctors are samba, belly dance, jazz, and ballroom dancing. Do not forget to ask your doctor’s advice before getting started.


Some other Workouts

Apart from the types mentioned above of workouts, there are some other exercises that you can perform at home to keep your body in shape and remain healthy during pregnancy. These are:


Strength Training: For building solid muscles, strength training is safe until you start using any heavy tools.

Running: Running is good for constipation, weight, and back pain if your doctor permits you.

Hiking: It is helpful for a healthy bowel movement and muscle strength.

Pilates: It helps with backaches, maintains good posture, and prepares you for labour and delivery.

Tai Chi: Induces sleep, alleviates anxiety, and helps with mood swings.



Tips for Safe Workouts

Although exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, there are specific tips to avoid any problems. You must stick to the following points during workouts:


Take it easy if you are a newbie. Start with a maximum of 20 minutes of work and gradually increase the periods of your workouts.

Do not be overheated. Stay calm because a slight rise in average body temperature can be dangerous for you and your baby.

Drink water a lot to stay hydrated during exercise.

Avoid brisk movements.

Be focused on your body condition, meaning that if you feel discomfort during workouts, visit your doctor in no time.

Do not lie on your back or stand still for a more extended period.

Avoid tight clothes; instead, wear loose and stretchable dresses.

If you are addicted to exercise for a more extended period, keep some high-carb-protein snacks with you to steer clear of low blood sugar levels.

Do not get over-exhausted.

Do not work out if you are not feeling like exercising.

By following the above-given points, you can stay healthy and strong without facing any discomfort during your pregnancy.


Final Words

Exercise during pregnancy plays a vital role in maintaining the fitness of the mother and child. According to studies, women who work out accordingly during pregnancy stay more in shape and enjoy reasonable fitness compared to those who do not exercise. The doctors recommend a specific type of exercise during pregnancy. These workouts keep you fit during pregnancy and make delivery easy.


However, research published by the journal PLOS ONE shows the impact of genetics on fitness. Per this research, there are variations among outcomes of exercise in different individuals. It proves that during pregnancy, women’s bodies respond differently to physical activity depending upon their genome.


On that account, it will be better to know your genetic makeup and its influence on the outcome of your workout during pregnancy. It will help you select the applicable type of workouts during pregnancy and make you take better care of yourself and the fetus.


It is where HealthCodes DNA comes to your aid. We generate complete results based on your genetic sequence using high-quality genetic testing technology. The outcome speaks for itself and is vital in improving your health and fitness during pregnancy. Our Fitness Panel DNA training program helps you pick the most suitable type of workouts based on your genome. These workouts optimize your exercise routine, following your body’s need to provide you and your baby with better fitness results.

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