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Clubhouse now supports 13 additional languages, including Bengali

Social audio platform Clubhouse on Thursday introduced that it has commenced rolling out support for 13 new languages, along with Bengali for Android customers.


The agency is rolling out support for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Farsi / Persian, Hausa, Igbo, Marathi, Nepali, Somali, Thai, Turkish, and Yoruba.



"We have heard from a lot of you that language localization has helped you grow as creators and we are excited to keep seeing new birthday party hats from unique corners of the arena joining your rooms. And, sure, earlier than you ask, greater languages and iOS support are coming," the business enterprise said in a announcement.


In addition, the logo is likewise bringing an update to the feature formerly called 'Interests' to now called 'Topics', with a broader, better listing of subjects in order to make it less difficult to find out rooms and clubs.


Starting today, Topics could be greater giant, greater useful and to be had in greater places, so that it is easy to quickly find what she or he is looking for on Clubhouse.


Recently, Clubhouse additionally brought 'Music Mode' as a brand new setting to help musicians sound their exceptional even as performing at the app.


The new mode will provide musicians who play stay at the social community their personal unique set of tools to optimize sound pleasant. As was the case with spatial audio, Music Mode will roll out on iOS first with Android as a quick comply with.

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